Personalized jewelry, handmade with love. Beloved Child INC              Safe business, Registered Trademark since 2006

Personalized jewelry.

Unique designed by you & handmade by "Beloved child INC"

Namejewelry, Namerings & DogTags. SilverPendants. Handmade in Sweden.

I met a mother one day at my childrens daycare. She wore a beautiful, shining necklace...
Pendants where thick, beautifully shaped squares with her childrens names on them.
Simplicity combined with exquised elegance. Quite Heavy Silverpendants with such a meaning to them!
To carry my beloved ones close to my heart all times of the day and night...
I just had to have my own!
After fine-polishing my skills in my "home-made" Silverworkshop I finally got them as I wanted them,
and since I now wear my childrens names around my neck all times, I soon got asked to create similar to other moms around.
Now my small business is turning out to grow, very very fast...

Classic Silvertags & Freshwater pearls.   Fingerrings are handsawed.         Silveramulet with Pearls & Hearts.

Every letter and symbol is stamped deeply into the Silver or gold, one by one with a hammer an musclepower...
We also have an engravingmachine, we can put your own handwriting, drawing, kids hand & footprint on a silver jewelry!
Let us te the tool to make your own created / designed Jewelry! Handmade & Unique!

All parts used are pure 925 Silver and all procedures are done by Hand.
Classic Tags are 3mm thick, and 7mms wide. Length depending on name / word.

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Outside Europe: According to Swedish "Posten" Airmail - Letter $9
Insured / Traceable: $25 Inside Europe: $6 Insured / Traceable: $22
Payment through Paypal.

Approximate delivery time 2-3 weeks after registered payment.